1st Annual Photography Training Workshop at Bryce Canyon!

Bring your cameras and tripods, because we will be taking your photography skills to the next level. The skills you will learn will make a major difference in your business and you will get a little R and R with other top deck builders and their wives!
  • Learn from Clemens Jellema, one of the finest deck photographers in the industry.
  • Learn how to take video to promote your business, from Kim Katwijk.
  • Learn how to make the internet bring more leads next year.
  • Learn Lightroom software to make your deck photos POP!
  • Learn CAD program Real Time Landscape Architect basics or advanced RTLA Training.
  • Learn how to stage your deck photos with photo stylist secrets.
  Here’s the Plan:
   On Friday, January 23, 2015 after the IBS,  we will embark on a 4-days, 3 nights tour of Bryce Canyon and surrounding areas. Hosted by the DeckCritic; your transportation and other expences will be taken care of.  Your cost will be for your lodging and meals only.  
 So book your slot(s) NOW! 

 I can't wait to get out, breath some mountain air and spend some time away with you!

                                                       A big huge Thanks to our Sponsors who made this possible!  
                                 Fortress Railing       Screw Products inc.



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