This testing is going to go great!
The Surface 360 Review got a lot of interest and more participation then I was expecting.  Because of this happy fact we pushed the start date back, and began officially on the 16th of June!  I expect this to be a time consuming and lengthy process that is comprehensive and evolving.  (Goody!!)  Now I just let the elements wreck what havoc they may for one year.  
Check back for results in a year when we really get crackin!


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    "I've been designing and building as long as I can remember.  As a teen, my summer job was helping my dad replace old decks with beautiful backyard retreats.  It's no fun letting others do the dirty work and use the cool tools.  I am a hands-on-pour-my-sweat-out creature of creativity. When the opportunity arose to evaluate all things deck and outdoor living, I leapt into it with both feet."