This testing is going to go great!
The Surface 360 Review got a lot of interest and more participation then I was expecting.  Because of this happy fact we pushed the start date back, and began officially on the 16th of June!  I expect this to be a time consuming and lengthy process that is comprehensive and evolving.  (Goody!!)  Now I just let the elements wreck what havoc they may for one year.  
Check back for results in a year when we really get crackin!
A comprehensive study of surface deck boards throughout the industry.  
In the Surface 360 Review we'll cover life with the product.  We'll give them 1 year of exposure, foot traffic, spills, dropped objects, etc. in real life scenarios including the effect of the elements, solar heat gain, installation details, and anything else that seems relevant.

I set out to contact every decking manufacture in the book.  (There's no book)  As I found each one, I made contact, told them of my plans and requested samples for my tests.  Some eagerly jumped at the challenge, others declined, and still others never responded to me.  As the participants' boards started piling up, the enormity of this undertaking started to sink in.  In all, I have 74 boards sourced from 15 companies.   To be included in the evaluation I needed 4 foot sections of decking and a matching short sample length of each and appropriate fasteners, if they were unique to the company.  I would have loved one of each of the companies surface decking colors from each of their lines, but of course, that would be 20+ boards from some companies which would be overwhelming.

I have kept the short samples tucked safely away as control pieces, while the 4 footers are to be used in the great outdoors.  "Why 4 feet?" some have asked. Because it's too hard to balance on a 6 inch board, and also, the true appeal, color and texture can't be seen and experienced with smaller pieces.  The Surface 360 Review will truly begin in June just as soon as all the boards arrive.  On that day, I will lay out all the boards in the test garden together.



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    "I've been designing and building as long as I can remember.  As a teen, my summer job was helping my dad replace old decks with beautiful backyard retreats.  It's no fun letting others do the dirty work and use the cool tools.  I am a hands-on-pour-my-sweat-out creature of creativity. When the opportunity arose to evaluate all things deck and outdoor living, I leapt into it with both feet."