Looks like June will be an exciting month, and not just because we get to celebrate the start of summer.  I am excited to share that I will have a review article appearing in the June issue of Professional Deck Builder Magazine.  In it I share my experience with a customizable tool belt from Iron Dog Tool Gear.  Getting published and seeing your words in print is always a source for warm and fuzzies. 
Be sure to check out the issue online or in print editions.

It is a red letter month; and not just because Christmas is coming.  My friend and adviser Clemens Jellema has shared some of his wisdom with Professional Deck Builder's Magazine, in his article, Better Deck Photos. In it Jellema states, "I realized how useful professional-quality photos were for selling deck jobs..."  And Jellema couldn't be more right! Clemens discusses how to capture the right shot, selecting better camera equipment and a bunch of other tips! Be sure to check out Clemens Jellema's Article this month.  
If you're a deck builder thinking an article isn't enough to save you from your own lack of know-how, then maybe some 1-on-1 time with Clemens will do the trick! DeckCritic.com is hosting our 1st Annual Photography Workshop and we're headed to Bryce Canyon! You can reserve your spot to learn from Both Clemens and Kim Katwijk. Mark your calendar: Friday, January 23-26th, 2015 after IBS.
The skills you will learn will make a major difference in your business and you will have FUN with other top deck builders and their wives!

Clemens Jellema owns Fine Decks, Inc. in Calvert County, Md. You can take a video tour of one of his recent projects by clicking here, or see more photos of his decks and artistic shots right here at DeckCritic.com!



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    "I've been designing and building as long as I can remember.  As a teen, my summer job was helping my dad replace old decks with beautiful backyard retreats.  It's no fun letting others do the dirty work and use the cool tools.  I am a hands-on-pour-my-sweat-out creature of creativity. When the opportunity arose to evaluate all things deck and outdoor living, I leapt into it with both feet."